Bonavita 1-Liter Gooseneck Kettle


These days, there’s a premium version of everything: premium houses, premium cars, premium gadgets… it was only a matter of time until they started churning out (ostensibly) premium kettles. Bonavita’s 1-Liter Gooseneck kettle claims to be one such item, but is it really that much better than the competition and worth paying a little something extra?

While many kettle manufacturers look to innovate their products with new designs and shapes, Bonavita stayed true to the original: its Gooseneck kettle looks like it could comfortably belong in the last century (until you rest it on the hi-tech base, that is).

The fact that this kettle has an oldtimer look to it doesn’t mean it comes off as outdated, though. For one, the handle is notably fancy both in shape and finish, and the kettle as a whole looks sturdy and somewhat expensive – those concerned about bad plastic making its way into their system will be happy to hear that Bonavita’s Gooseneck is all-steel on the inside and outside.

As you might hope from a ‘premium’ kettle, the Bonavita Gooseneck has more features than most others looking to take its place. The kettle’s base even comes with a handy display that shows heat and temperature, eliminating any need for guessing from the moment you purchase this appliance. The display is nicely complemented by 6 different adjustment keys, proving that the Gooseneck is impressive in its ability to control the boiling process.

For instance, you could specify a temperature you’d want the water to boil at and then specify a period of time – Bonavita’s Gooseneck will keep it steady for as long as you’d like and will even let you adjust the settings on the go. Needless to say, most kettles can’t offer nearly as much control to the user, making the Gooseneck a clear pioneer in at least one area.

Bonavita’s pride isn’t as revolutionary in other aspects of kettlepreneurship, but it still manages to hold its own. There’s the detachable base, the auto shut off and the adjustable cord that are present in most of the finer models. It might be worth pointing out that this is a 1000W kettle, which is pretty neat considering its boiling power – some of its rivals consume nearly double the electricity for more or less the same results.

Unfortunately, the most prohibitive thing about Bonavita’s Gooseneck is the price. With a retail tag of a little over $70 when most kettles cost half that, ol’ Gooseneck isn’t going to be the most welcome addition if you’re working under a budget. In the end, it’s going to come down to how serious you are about your boiling ventures: if you always wanted to have a kettle that you can fine-tune and boil water exactly the way you’d like, you probably won’t have an issue with forking over that extra $30-$40. If you couldn’t care less and just want a quick and good-tasting cup of coffee, you’re probably better off going for a simpler and less-expensive model.

“Great kettle for making my green tea…” – Jackson G., Boerne, Texas