Chef’s Choice 673 Cordless Compact Electric Kettle



Suggesting that chefs are using your kitchen appliances is a good way to make more money. Naming your company in line with this doesn’t hurt either. After all, who doesn’t want to have an appliance that says ‘Chef’s Choice‘ in their humble kitchen? Whether the 673 can really live up to its name, however, remains to be seen.

The first thought you’d have every right to have after unpackaging the 673 is that it’s… well, ugly. Fine, if you want to go all PC, we can call it aesthetically challenged. Bottom line is: with its outdated design and solid body, the chef’s boiling choice isn’t going to be taking home any beauty awards any time soon. Still, it would be silly to judge a kettle by its cover, especially one that takes itself seriously.

Great compact electric kettle

Moving past the lackluster design, the 673’s features are pretty decent for a kettle in this range. The main selling point might be the option to control the water level directly from the handle. This will no doubt prevent some grisly accidents and provide more convenience overall. Can never have too much convenience in your own home, right?

The rest of the 673’s specs are nothing special, but also not particularly lacking. For one, there’s the auto shutoff upon completion that adds more safety and prevents your beverages from evaporating because someone’s at the door. Like with competing kettles, the 673’s body is also detachable from the base which lets you store the cord in a nifty compartment.

The kettle’s size leaves something to be desired – it’s one of the smaller kettles on the market and will hardly be a good choice for the quick serving of many different people. However, some people might enjoy the compact size, and if you’re one of them, the 673’s biggest weakness won’t be all that bad.

It’s also worth noting that the body of the kettle can get excessively hot due to the metal composition. While some other manufacturers opted to alleviate this issue by using heat-repellant materials, the guys at Chef’s Choice clearly have enough confidence in their customers’ ability to stick to the handle at all times. On the other hand, some might enjoy the fact that the kettle’s interior is solid steel – many are concerned about particles of plastic and other materials making their way into the beverages past a certain boiling point, and the 673 should ease such concerns.

The 673 might be small, but it boils fast: in fact, it has one of the quickest boiling times out of any kettle currently on the market. This is neatly contrasted by the kettle’s durability – owing in part to its simplistic design, the 673 should easily last for years without giving you any real trouble. The price isn’t all that, however – $40 is more than most kettles in the range and might be more than you’re willing to pay up if you only boil water occasionally. Our advice: get the 673 if it calls out to you.

“Love this kettle. Thank you for the recommendation…” – Luis V., Corpus Christi, Texas