Hamilton Beach 40865 Kettle


So, you want to buy a kettle for the ages, eh? These things experienced quite a few advancements from their old ‘simple and sturdy’ metal forms. These days, kettles come in all shapes and sizes and will sometimes have more options than a rocket launch command center.

What’s the one feature that you want your kettle to have, the main reason you’ll choose one over the others? If ‘appearance’ is your answer, you might want to give Hamilton Beach’s newest gizmo some consideration.

From the moment you unbox it, the 40865 makes something clear: this isn’t your ordinary kettle. Clearly, a good amount of work went into constructing a kettle that looks far better than most of its competitors. Whereas many kettles still cling to their old appearances, the 40865 features as much glass as it’s safe to have – you’ll be able to see the action as it unfolds in real time, and you can even record the boiling and file it under family footage!

As if a transparent body wasn’t enough, Hamilton Beach went and added blue lighting to the kettle’s inside. Are you boiling some nasty-looking soup of questionable contents? No problem – the 40865 will illuminate the liquid and make it resemble a visit to the aquarium.

In terms of features, the 40865 is packed like your standard modern kettle and won’t really bother you with too many options and modes. Some might consider this a drawback – while some people want their coffee at the push of a button, others enjoy the feeling of control over their beverage of choice. For its part, the 40865 leans heavily towards the ‘push of a button’ suite of options, even advertising itself as featuring an easy on/off switch.

The 1700W engine under the hood makes this kettle more powerful than many others in the same price range, meaning it’ll serve hot and quick, but it’ll also burn more electricity which could be an issue for frequent servers. To protect you from all that tremendous heat, Hamilton Beach were kind enough to include a fully-insulated handle so you never have to worry about being burned as long as you’re following the instruction manual.

While not exactly a feature, it’s also worth mentioning that the 40865 offers cordless serving(as do many other up-and-up kettles) – whenever you’re done with electricity, you can safely store the cord inside a convenient pocket beneath the kettle’s body. The times of accidentally whipping the people you’re serving with the kettle’s cord are finally over!

Add in an auto shutoff feature, mesh filters for more control over your drinks and an easy-to-lift lid, and the case for Hamilton Beach’s slick-looking kettle becomes that much stronger. There’s also the price: for what the 40865 offers, a price tag of slightly under $30 shouldn’t be over anyone’s budget. Despite the relatively-low price, the kettle is fairly durable both in terms of handling heat and taking on the brunt of ages – many users report that this kettle still serves them well after years of rigorous boiling.