T-fal BF6138 Balanced Living



T-fal is a terrific kitchen appliance manufacturer, so it stands to reason that each of their products will come with high expectations. The T-fal BF6138 kettle should be no exception: after all, their marketing department suggests that it will pave the way for your balanced living, adding even more things to prove for this lil’ slugger.

If you put the BF6138 near a pot, it’s going to call the kettle black – T-fal’s Balanced Living kettle isn’t known for its aesthetics, coming in a fairly bland shade of matte black. Sure, some might prefer the simpler design with a smaller handle, and to be fair, the kettle’s key parts are colored in yellow which gives the whole thing a nice color combination.

One great electric kettle

But who cares about appearance, right? While the BF6138 isn’t the ugliest duckling, it still better have some nice features to show if it wants to rival its cousins on the shelves. One feature that immediately stands out for its convenience and usefulness is the variable temperature switch on the side. Unlike too many kettles out there, the BF6138 will let you adjust the water temperature as-needed – ultra-hot all the time isn’t always a good thing, making the yellow-colored lever a blessing in quite a few scenarios.

As for other features, they’re pretty much what you’d expect from your better-than-average kettle: cord control, auto shut off and and a scale filter. The latter makes for a nice addition and will no doubt save you some cleaning efforts in the future should this kettle last you a while(and there’s no reason it shouldn’t, considering its brand).

The boiling speed is decent, but not exactly the fastest: T-fal advertises the kettle as being able to boil anything in 90 seconds. Some kettles offer to boil your water in nearly half that amount, making it clear that the BF6138 isn’t going to be participating in any heating races. The kettle’s size often makes the slightly-longer boiling time even more problematic as you’ll already be spending a lot of time on refills if you’re serving a lot. Still, 90 seconds could hardly be considered a long time, and the kettle’s 1-liter-carrying body might be well-suited for some smaller kitchens.

In the absence of glass and metal, there’s only one choice of material for a kettle: plastic. Some will undoubtedly take issue with the fact that the BF6138 is made of plastic – despite technological advances, there are still plenty of concerns over plastic kettle parts melting and polluting your beverage. You shouldn’t worry about it happening with any T-fal product, though – if anyone can produce functional and safe appliances, it’s these guys.

A price of $30 dollars isn’t the cheapest, but it’s still a good deal if you’re looking to buy a kettle for the long run. While the manufacturer issues a limited one-year warranty with the BF6138, this kettle might very well last you into the next decade without looking much worse for the wear. All in all, if you’d like a simple yet effective kettle that focuses on functionality more than on looks, give Balanced Living an honest thought.